About company 24 EXPERT.PL
All about our accountig office

Accounting office "EXPERT" exists from 2001. In 2012 the office was
transformed into sp zoo and now is called - 24expert.pl. Suitable entitlements
and the long-term experience let us get trusting at many both individual and
institutional customers. We are coming up to each of them individually
depending on his needs and challenges which before us he is putting.

If you value the best quality and the promptness - count on us!
Certainly we won't disappoint you!

We offer clear rules to the cooperation. The customer is coming to us, since
wants to focus on running an own business. We know about it - and therefore
customers of our accounting office for years aren't visiting revenue offices or ZUS.

We are elastic. We aren't confining ourselves to one whether of a few industries
- we are keeping the books for all sorts companies: commercial, service, transport,
for developers and many other.

We are guaranteeing the best quality of our services and the confidentiality of
received data.